Gese 2.0

Blockchain, NFC and QR-code based technology to fight counterfeit problem in alcohol industry.

A blockchain driven system to protect against counterfeit alcohol from market professionals. Gese 2.0 tracks the route from the manufacturer to the consumer using the help of a unique NFC-tag.

Gese Blockchain opens up new possibilities for alcohol brands and their customers

Gese 2.0 is implemented using NFC-tags and blockchain technology, allowing it to track each bottle from the manufacturer to the consumer while filtering out counterfeit products. Gese 2.0 is a powerful marketing tool that provides reliable statistical data to brands, as well as a social application that allows consumers not only to protect themselves from counterfeit alcohol, but also to earn rewards within the platform.
To learn more about the Gese 2.0 project please read the following documents. Feel free to share this information with your friends.
Documents are frequently updated.
Please always refer to an updated version.
Gese offers products for various tasks for the manufacturer of alcoholic beverages
Our business client can choose one of
the following products:
NFC Only
Gese NFC Only product offers utilizes ony anti-counterfit part of the technology.
The ability to check originality of the product via NFC tag. QR codes can be scanned by customers to recieve more information about the product.
NFC + QR + Crypto
Full product gives manufacturers a powerful tool to ensure the quality control, direct advertising campaigs and motivation for customers with a crypto-rebate bonuses.
Built on private blockchain Gese 2.0 provides unique technological solution for B2B and B2C customers.
In order to simplify work with technology and significantly reduce costs - we have developed our own blockchain. It records data about each unit of production on which the NFC tag is applied. The manufacturer is able to control the status of each item of goods. Scanning a QR code and receiving crypto bonuses additionally motivates customers.
Pavel Bobosik
Vice-President of the International Beer Convention Senate Member of the Czech Beer Executive Council and the Malt Association Co-founder of Gese. President of one of the largest bottling plants in Russia.
The idea of Gese is the direct result of the extensive consumer market research and close, long-term communication with large manufacturers. It has been designed to solve the problem of multi-million losses and remove the threat to the health of consumers.
Gese 2.0 utilizes GSE crypto tokens to process payments within the Blockchain
The token Gese is an excellent investment, as the price of the token is supported by the real demand of
alcohol producers.
All purchases are made in Gese Token
Gese customers make payments only in platform tokens. Payments include: payment for NFC tags, licences, connection fees and other payments.
The demand on Token is backed up by producers
The number of tokens is limited, which guarantees their constant demand from manufacturers. In addition, the token is a good speculative tool for financial transactions.

Buy or Sell Gese Token on crypto exchanges
Tokens will be placed on the crypto exchange and will be able to bargain freely between platform members, customers and traders.
Terms of Sale
Tokens are released on Ethereum blockchain and use highly popular token standard.
The symbol used to identify digital asset
SUPPLY / emission
100 000 000 GSE
The emission is limited. No more Gese tokens will be released.
TOKEN sale (50%)
50 000 000 GSE
The batch to be sold in the current sale. No more than 50% are offered at this stage.
hard cap
$15 000 000
The maximum amount of investment to be raised at this stage
$1 000 000
The minimum amount of investment to be raised at this stage
Pre Sale

  • Special Discount
  • Bonus
Public Sale
15.04.2019 - 01.05.2019

Special Discount


Token Allocation Model
Private sale
50 000 000 GSE
Tokens to be sold during the Private Sale Phase
25 000 000 GSE
We reserve 25% of all tokens for future sale at the market price
10 000 000 GSE
Tokens are to be distributed between the team members. Tokens are locked-up 6 months after the date of the exchange listing.
7 000 000 GSE
Tokens will be used to pay for marketing and promotion services.
5 000 000 GSE
5% of all tokens are to be granted to advisors of the project. Maximum 1% of tokens to each advisor.
3 000 000 GSE
These tokens are for Gese community
Use of Funds
product development
The funds allocated for the final development of the Gese 2.0 platform and its adoption to business customers.
Most of the funds are allocated to finance business operations in order to develop a profit-driven business in the first year of operations.
sales & marketing
The funds are allocated to boost sales of the Gese 2.0 platform worldwide. We concentrate mostly on Asian and CIS countries.
These funds are to be secured to legally support our blockchain software in the markets where Gese operates.
To learn more about the Gese 2.0 project please read the following documents. Feel free to share this information with your friends.
Documents are frequently updated.
Please always refer to an updated version.
product status
Gese 2.0 MVP is launched!
Looking for partners worldwide.
Research on Blockchain Technology and its application to solve the problem of counterfit problem in alcohol industry
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Gese 2.0 | Private Sale Launch
Gese 2.0 | Starting pilot tests with alcohol manufacturers
Asian Autumn 2018 Roadshow
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Gese 2.0 | Blockchain Main Net Launch
India Winter 2018 Roadshow
KPI Q1 - 250K NFC
Gese 2.0 | Private Sale End
Gese 2.0 tokens are listed on crypto exchange
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Gese team unites professionals from alcohol, tech and marketing sector
Pavel Bobosik
Pavel Boboshik (Czech Republic) is an international expert in the field of glass container production. Vice-President of the International Beer Convention Senate, a member of the Executive Council of Czech Beer, the Malt Association, and others.

Andrew Yakovlev
Co-Founder & CEO
Expert in construction of complex control systems and process optimization. In addition to being the founder of Gese, he is also its creative project manager.
Alexey Pechkin
Top 100 young scientists of the Russian Federation (1st place). The best scientific work of the Russian Federation awarded by the Russian Academy of Sciences. 3 years as CTO of the innovative laboratories of the Moscow Technological Institute (MTI), DEUS and Arena.
Mikhail Dergachev
Head of Communications
Since 2010, Mikhail Dergachev has been the team leader of copywriters and translators. Within this role, he engaged in: filling the sites of various subjects with content ranging from local tasks to turnkey solutions, participation in the ICO campaign of the company Datarius.
Polina Sazonova
Polina has been engaged in blockchain development for over 2 years. During that time she developed 10 concepts and technical assignments for blockchain projects. She also created the "Blockchain for business"educational course.
Alexander Strakh
Alexander graduated from the Bauman Moscow State Technical University and has been working for over 10 years at ISP RAS. He participated in the Linux Device Drivers Verification Project and implemented more than 50 smart contracts for a variety of ICOs.
Arkady Davidov
Front-end developer
4+ years of experience in designing and developing web interfaces for commercial applications.
Georgy Rozhkov
Head of Marketing
Georgy Rozhkov has worked for 5 years as CMO of DEUS VR,, and projects. He is the founder of the multimedia content agency CINESTA.

Gene Deyev
Executive partner @Goldfinch Network
Responsible for Tokensale concept development and investment relations in Asian region.

Ivan Bolonikhin
Partner @Goldfinch Network
Responsible for product development and International business relations.

Anatoliy Malinovsky
Founder and CEO @Sophia Foodstuff Supply Chain Company. Responsible for Gese B2B recognition in wine production sector.

We build global partnerships
We are interested in the development of technology testing of alcoholic products around the world. Gese offers a profitable partnership for alcohol manufacturers and distributors. We are also interested in developing technology partnerships with collaboration with local brands.
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Pavel Bobosik about Gese
Gese – counterfeit alcohol protection system
ICO Review | Gese Crypto 2018

How to use Gese

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