Platform based on blockchain technology, NFC and QR tags

Blockchain platform for manufacturers, for safe and effective protection of production against counterfeit. Gese creates a link from manufacturer to consumer by labeling production, enabling them to promote their production more effectively
Quality control on your smartphone
If your smartphone is not supported, use any application to read QR codes.
How it works
Check in
Your company registers in the platform and creates its product showcase.
Download codes for marking your products, put on products and set a reward for the purchase
Hold promotions for your customers increasing sales
Buyers scan tags before purchase and after purchase for bonuses
Receive full analytics of your sales for effective promotion of your company.

Gese opens up new opportunities for brands and their customers

Gese works using NFC tags, QR codes and blockchain technology, which allows you to track products from manufacturer to consumer with control for counterfeit. Gese is a powerful marketing tool that provides reliable statistical data to brands, as well as easily integrated loyalty system
Gese offers opportunities for solving various problems of manufacturers.
Marking only
The possibility of using a platform for screening counterfeit
Control and analytics
The ability to both reduce counterfeit and obtain statistics on sales and customers
Control, analytics and loyalty system
Full product gives manufacturers a powerful tool to ensure the quality control, direct advertising campaigs and motivation for customers with a crypto-rebate bonuses.
Built on a private blockchain, Gese provides a unique technology solution for B2B and B2C clients.
In order to simplify work with technologies to significantly reduce costs - we have developed our own blockchain. It records data for each unit of production. The manufacturer has the ability to monitor the status of each product. Scanning the code and getting bonuses additionally motivates customers.
Pavel Bobosik
Vice-President Senate at the International Beer Convention, Member of the Executive Council of Czech Beer and the Malt Association, Co-founder Gese, Social Ltd., Chairman of the Board of one of the largest glass container plants in Russia
The idea of Gese is a direct result of extensive consumer market research, long-term communication with major manufacturers. It is aimed at solving the problem of millions of losses and eliminating threats to the health of consumers.
Gese uses GSE scores for payment processing in blockchain
All payments are made in Gse
Gese customers make payments only in GSE. Payments include: paying tags, stocks, marketing programs and other payments.
Turnover GSE in the system.
The funds contributed by the manufacturer to reward customers are paid into the fund for holding shares or issuing funds for points. With each purchase, the buyer receives a reward approved by the manufacturer.
GSE for users
Users can exchange points for partner services, make a cashback or put on the stock exchange as a token. Point withdrawal agreed directly with the manufacturers
Sales Analytics - the foundation of a successful business
Gese makes it possible to analyze both sales and interest in products. Producers are able to see in real time who and where buys their products or shows interest in them. This will allow you to control deliveries and know who their customers are.

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Pavel Bobosik about Gese
Gese – counterfeit alcohol protection system
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