What products can be labeled with GESE tags?
Any products, we do not limit our users.
The video says about alcohol - do you work only with drinks?
No, but since the founder company is one of the largest producers of glass containers, we started with the manufacturers of beverages. You can label any type of product.
What should a business representative do to connect to the platform?
Create your business account, fill in the storefront, make a request for the first batch of codes for labeling. The whole process is free and takes a few minutes.
What to do with the codes?
You can order their printing in any printing house, it is built on the basis of QR. Or you can program NFC chips if you have elite products.
How does the buyer use these tags?
To read QR and NFC tags, the user uses a smartphone that supports these functions.
What does the buyer get when buying a tagged product?
The buyer, in addition to seeing all information of the product, as well as confirmation of legality, receives a bonus in the amount of 1 GSE + the amount of your loyalty system or promotion for the product.
How does your loyalty system work and how much does it cost?
The loyalty system works on the principle of scoring when checking for a purchase. The amount of remuneration is set by the manufacturer or seller.
What is GESE and how to use it?
You can: 1 Sell when entering the stock exchange. 2 make a cashback. 3 Spend on gift items and services from our partners.
What technology does your service work on?
The project is based on a blockchain with a consensus of POA, the transaction system is as secure and free as possible, it works much faster than technologies like VISA, up to 100,000 transactions per second.
What market does your project target?
The project is global, has no location, we have a large number of users in Asia, Europe, America and India.
How is the anti-counterfeit system built?
The protection system is built on a double encrypted tag linked to a database without the possibility of repetition. When you re-read the tag, if someone created a copy, the system will show that the product has been forged, the bonus will not be credited, and the manufacturer will be informed about the presence of a counterfeit product.
Do I have to pay for using the platform?
No, it is completely free.
Is it possible to reward buyers for high-quality product reviews?
Yes, the system is built on the ability to control feedback and work with customers. By clicking like on the post you automatically charge funds, you can also send rewards to the user's personal wallet.
How to promote the product in the list?
To do this, there is a promotion button, you deposit points on the balance of your product, the display works on the principle of an auction, who has invested more in the promotion, the product or post will be higher in the display.
I find it difficult to understand
A personal manager is attached to each client, make a connection request and we will contact you.
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